Samstag, Mai 16, 2015

Information about purchasing the English version of the Nalbinding book

On and you can only get the black and white version (until the cooperation partners of my publisher are able to print colors).

On you can order the color version (see link below), but be aware of this:

Important information for everyone from abroad who looks at the book-preview on Please DISABLE THE AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION before opening the German page and looking at the Kindle preview. It creates some odd capitalization and maybe even distorted sentences in the preview. I saw a screenshot from someone who uses Chrome (I don't know if it happens as well if you use others browsers). I don't know exactly how is serving the previews - and if they are interested in this strange matter, but I want to let you know to NOT use the "translate this page" option in Chrome if you want to look at the previews!

Nalbinding - What in the world is that?

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