Donnerstag, September 10, 2015

historischer film in dem hundewolle versponnen wird!

From Pathe! - 1940 Various shots of girls of the Canine Defence League combing fluffy Samoyed dogs in a garden. Commentator explains that the 'dog wool' goes to make socks for the Forces; the coats of these dogs coats yield enough wool for 100 pairs of "long sea boot stockings".The hair that comes off is washed and laid spread out in the sun to dry, then carded by hand and spun into wool on old-fashioned spinning wheels. A woman sits in the garden knitting some long socks - they look rather fluffy and itchy, but I expect they were very warm. A girl shows us a finished pair and then poses with a fluffy pup.

Posted by Alexandra Karastoyanova on Montag, 7. September 2015

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